Putting Your Finger on It Part 2 - Sometimes I’m all thumbs

Most of the grip- and stroke-oriented material I see focuses on wrist, finger, and arm movements, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything that deals specifically with the thumb. And yet the thumb is a make-it-or-break-it appendage. You use your thumbs constantly when playing, regardless of grip, but are you aware of what your thumb is actually capable of? Aside from providing a fulcrum, the thumb allows us to adjust the fulcrum by moving along the stick. It's also important for controlling rebound and helps with speed. And it can help us manipulate the texture of our strokes.  The “Normal” Grip Mostly we think of the lead hand (or matched grip) fulcrum as between the thumb and forefinger. But even within this narrow definition there is significant wiggle room. Some players hold the stick with the thumb ahead of the forefinger; others place the thumb even with, or behind the forefinger. They all work. Even better is to allow your thumb to explore different relative pos