Friday, March 23, 2012

Trial by Fire

Well tonight I bit the bullet and attended an extended jam session. Nothing too ambitious, but it was live drums and electric instruments in a confined space. I managed to stick it out for a full two hours. I’ve not sat behind a drum set for more than 20 minutes since my ear condition put me out of the business many years ago, so it was a bit of a test to see if the recruitment retraining I’m attempting is having any effect. Too early to tell, but I didn’t feel any adverse symptoms during or immediately after the jam. My tinnitus is pretty much normal so the sound level doesn’t seem to have affected it. Tomorrow I’ll know for sure if there will be some payback. I certainly hope not, since that’s a horrible experience – ears that feel like raw hamburger – plus I’m enjoying the notion of being able to call myself a drummer and musician once again.

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