Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HLAG Not Just For Girls

Hit Like A Girl was founded in 2011 by a few savvy industry pros who felt that female drummers deserved more attention from the manufacturers and perhaps from the musical community in general. The annual event -- now in its forth year -- is a 'drum-off' contest for drummers of the female persuasion, and all styles, ages and levels of ability are welcome. Hats off to TRX cymbals, DRUM! Magazine and Tom Tom magazine for finding a need and filling it.

Online info on the event's history is sparse, but what is available attests to the quality, importance and positive impact of this initiative. For example, prior to this year's contest, HLAG has had over 700 participants hailing from 42 countries. And when the current contest was launched at NAMM 2015, more than 50 women from 14 countries registered within days.

HLAG is for amateur female drummers and percussionists only. The definition of amateur is fairly generous: anyone who makes less that $30,000 (or equivalent) annually can enter. There are two broad categories -- under 18 and over 18. Winners will receive not merely drumming notoriety; there are valuable prizes to be won.

Judging is by a host of industry professionals, but there will also be fan voting during the final three weeks and, yes, guys can vote too.

This is an incredible opportunity for the participants, but contest or no contest, we drum fans will be treated to a wonderful variety of talent and style. (I spent almost an entire, very entertaining, morning watch the videos.)

Drop by the website to find out more or just to see what the girls are up to. And don't forget to vote for your favourites.


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