Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to glean insane amounts of info in a manner of minutes

… and then schedule time to master most, if not all, before your next gig.

If you ‘Google’ something like “top 100 jazz standards”, you’ll be presented with hundreds of links to websites compiled by all sorts of jazz standards enthusiasts – all the way from academics that have put together well researched, well qualified lists along with analysis and history, to street bums who panhandle for coins to spend at the local internet café. Many times you’ll find sheet music, arrangements and commentary from composer and/or arranger. And if there isn’t a sample performance to listen to, you can easily find one with another search.

With this much FREE information at your fingertips, it shouldn’t take any time at all for you to locate, download and print the sheet music, arrangement and lyrics, and then find an exceptional performance by a great artist that demonstrates why this tune became a standard in the first place.

Then internet is a great research tool. Every part of the process has been laid out and even partly digested for you, so you have no excuse to put off learning the standards.

BTW, www.jazzguitarlessons.net led me to its page on Giant Steps where I also found a link to a lead sheet plus a karaoke like run-through of the original.

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